July 2019

Congratulation to All DHA city file Holders dha lahore will open Transfer after 1/8/2019

#Congratulation To all DHA City file Members to become part of dha lahore phase 13 and open Transfer DHA Lahore moving good on phase 13 Project, They have Recently Furnished  the dha phase 13 Transfer office in Mian dha lahore Transfer complex at 3rd floor. DHA start last 3 month updating Data and Letter,Advertised in News paper send sms  and send Letter to all file holder for visiting dha main...

DHA Multan Balloting How to check Result Congratulation All set to boon for investment

Layour dha multan How To check dha Multan Ballot Result Ballot Result dha multan 5 Marla Ballot Result dha Multan 10 marla ballot Result dha multan 1 kanal www.dhamultan.org Location  DHA Multan holds a very strong location with entry points from bosan road and Mattital Road Multan.Both Roads are the busier and main roads to Multan City.DHA Multan is located just 10 to 15 Minutes...

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