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Deffence Housing Authority About DHA Lahore & Projects & Development Planing

About DHA Lahore

Defence housing Authority (DHA) Lahore is Nationally Recognized Organization that has endeavored to provide, to the people of pakistan, an opportunity to live the innovative models of modern living.

Tuned to the latest worldwide developments in the field of Urban and Community Management, it has added the  grandeur of our cities and communities. Relaying on the elements of strategic urban planning,development and sustainability it has carved out its residential and commercial progects.

By introducing modern designs in construction of houses, nfrastructure and essential associated facilities it has infused a new life in Defence Living, that is beautifully energetic, attractively vibrant and conveniently livable. Our emphasis continues to remain on building our communities with the essence of our socio-cultural and religious traditions & needs. We envision our future urban dwellings to be more friendly, modern and green.   Defence Housing Authority a Housing society Located in Lahore punjab pakistan ,dha Lahore opening 19 March 1975 which is owned by Pakistan Army.Much Like Askari housing society Lahore DHA too was originally built for army officers(as civil & Devence officers cooperative Housing Society and later as Lahore Cantonment cooperative Housing Socity-LCCHS) But soon it became a Housing Scheme for all people.

The area has also undergone extensive gentrification,bringing in a more wealthy base. During the past five years, developers have claimed extraterritorial land, which has increased new development in the area. New Developments inxlude a world class golf resort in partnership with Bandar Rana of Malaysia in phase 6 of DHA and a shopping and office complex in partnership with Global Haly of the United Kingdon in phase 2 of DHA Lahore.

Planning and development

Currently, DHA has  Phses, from phase 1 to  phase 8 and phase 12 phase 9 Town  that are open for possessions for the civilian population. The remaning  three phases, from phase 10 to 10,13 are either in the process of development or have not seen the staret of development even.Each phase  has a number of sectors or blocks having English alphabets as their names which are further subdivided into plots for the construction of houses ranging from the land area five marla ( approx 25*45=1125 sqft to  )to 2 kanal ( approx 100*90=9000 sqft). Each phase also has central commercial area for shops and offices catering to th community. The phase of the most construction and population are the phases 1 to 6 with phase 7 and 8being the laest developed. phase 1 to 4 dispalys an older style of town development with narrower roads. streets and grassy area,aslso withour undergroung wiring for Electriification.phase 5 , 6, 7, 8, 9,11,12 being the most recent in terms of planning and development show fifty feet roads as well as broader streets, with underground electrification and each sector or block having its own mosque, size of main road 150feet 120feet .DHA complete a signal free corridor for road trafffic, linking walton road and phase 5, Exit.


The DHA Education system operates a  number of schools and colleges offering education to residents of the DHA. Established in 1993 ,the price responsibility of DHAes is to provide quality education at an affordable fee structure to the students of DHA and its suburban areas.

  • DHA kindergarten
  • DHA Junior campus T block
  • DHA Junior campus Z block
  • DHA Senior School for Girls
  • DHA Senior School for Boys
  • Defence college for women
  • Defence college for boys

DHA is home to various educational institutes, including

  • LUMS University
  • Lahore School of Economics
  • Lahore Grammar  School
  • Beaconhouse School
  • City school
  • Roots millinum school
  • Salamat school system

Real Estate

DHA is Regarded as one of the most expensive communities in Lahore  Real Estae in Pakistan underwent a boom during the early and mid 200s when overseas pakistani staring sending substantial amounts ot their savings back home after 9/11. As of 2016 statistics at reveal that an average 1 kanal/500 yard plot are priced at 10 Million to 20 Million reported in february 2013 that property for rent and sales in defence have performed phenomenally well despite a general stagnancy in lahore,s Real Estaer market over the past five year.

In the budget for 2016-17 Government has levied capital gains tax and advancd withhouding tax on real estate. this has negtively impacted the property market.


DHA Lahore phase 5

DHA Penta Square phase 5 is an essence of business & trade admiration. This self sustained building features the luxurious and comforting aparmetns with all modern facilities. Extravagant shopping mall that will be the high rank shoping destination.



DHA Lahore phase 6

Appartments 1 bed 2 bed 3 bed 4 bed  booking and 8 marla commercial plaza booking fairway commercial

phase 8 block Z  IVY Green

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