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DHA Quetta Announced Ballot 14th March 2020

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DHA Quetta ballot plot /file check price

dha Quetta ballot Result and location

DHA Quetta installment plot booking

The first Housing Scheme in Baluchistan is Launched by Defense Housing Authority (DHA) in Quetta named as DHA Quetta Samrt City phase 1

Its Organizers sat that it will be a state of the art Housing Project of pakistan and Gift for Quetta public.

project Administrator of DHA Quetta               Brigadier Muhammad Javed iqbal

Administrator of DHA Quetta said they want to construct housing in Quetta under DHA in Which Amenities including Education Health Sports amenities would be provided to residents, besides that water Resources Management Systme would also be installed in it.

He Also Said that Land Acquisition for the project is under process and DHA Quetta has already Acquired a large amont of land. It will be a Modern residential Structure with health Edtcation and other allied facilities that will be developed as part of the housing project.

DHA Quetta Location

It is located at 7 KM from Quetta International Airport and almost 16 KM from Jinnah Road HBL Chowk at N 25.DHA Quetta is situated near CPEC Western Route.

Features of DHA Quetta 

  • Intellignet Transport System
  • Laying of fiber optic
  • Infrared Sensors for TFC Signal Management & CCTV Cam
  • Intrgrated with DHA Quetta Mobile App
  • Smart Waste MGMT
  • Use of embedded Sensors/GPS on waste bins
  • Dynamic waste management & routing
  • Insigenous recycling wiht mium envmt impact
  • Smart Energy Management
  • primary Source QEsco
  • Establishment of 225 MW Grid
  • 20 MW Solar ( Project cost: USD 285 Million) 225 MW combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) with high thermal efficienct, Commercial Operations:5 Year

DHA Quetta Smart City phase 1  News Update

Recently DHA Quetta Managment arranged a meeting of Registered Real Estate Agent from all over the Pakistan about detailed briefing of the Project. There were more than 55 Agent from Lahore Karachi Quetta Islababad Peshawar Multan and other cities.

importance point of the meeting

DHA Quetta phase 1 Total Size 8000 Acres, but is will be develop in stages. 1st stage will be Approx 4000 Acres. All 4 Marla and 8 Malra commercial will be alloted at main Raods.

  • Zone A ( Business & Residential ) Total Area is 8000 Acres
  • Zone B ( Education Health & Sports) Total area is 2200 Acres
  • Zone C ( Farms Houses and Recreations )Total area is 1800 Acres

DHA Quetta will use 33% of land for large road network (as per National Reference munual milimum is 25% approx)

DHA Quetta Smart City Zone A

DHA Quetta Smart City Zone B

DHA Quetta Smart City Zone C

Wide road Network

  1. Expressway 316 feet
  2. Avenues      120 feet
  3. Street             60 feet
  4. Parkways    240 feet
  5. Boulevard   180 feet
  6. It will be first large scale housing project in Pakistan having minumum 60 feet raod

Milestoanes achieved by DHA  Quetta 

Construction & inaugration of DHA Quetta Head office having all departments under one roof.

  • Selection of Town Planning Firm
  • Preparation of Town Planning
  • DHA Quetta Grand Entrance Design and BOQs
  • Grand Entrance earthbreaking
  • Grand Entrance soil investigation
  • Prequalification of contraction firms
  • Construction work started for Grand Entrance


DHA Quetta Offering affordable Housing Society

800 Units planned over50 Acres. Cheaper then conventional construction.1000 sq ft in 80 Lac including land cost. Weather friends and LT WT due to insulated walls. Best suited for seismic zone like Quetta, Eco of space due to multi story construction,Less Construction time.

DHA Quetta Smart City


  • Smart Electric meters.
  • Smart appliances
  • Renewable energy resources
  • Efficient transmission media
  • Pipeline Water Resource Projects for Quetta
  • Pet Feeder / Kachhi Canal 60 Mgd
  • Burj Aziz Khan Dam 23 Mgd
  • Halak Dam 4 Mgd
  • 100 Check Dams – TWs 28 Mgd
  • Available Dams in vicinity of Zone C
  • Shamozai Dam
  • Kach Dam
  • Mangi Dam (Location: Mangi Dam is proposed to the constructed near Mangi Village on Khost River about 76 KM from Quetta City)

Objective: Providing about 8.1 MGD un-interrupted drinking water supplied for Quetta.
Executive Agency: Public Health Engineering Department.
Consultant: ACE Joint Venture.

Groundbreaking ceremony held on 11 April,2017 Dha of completion december 2020 Present prigress 60%

How to Apply on Installment plots? Which category or Size are be to apply?when the Ballot of DHA Quetta installment booking Expected? How to check Result?

DHA Quetta Smart City installment plots ballo official booking forms & schedules must be downloaded for here  ( ) Printed form Ok even if in black & white but photocopies are not Accepted and your application will not be included in photocopied forms. Original color-printed forms are the best option available free of cost from the New Lahore Real Estate office.


Very important form PDF Shared is just to give you a basic ideal on rates and terms etc Each time we must download a new form for each separate application  directly from to get a unique serial number for each form downloaded. Each form Must have a new serial number. you can use live chat on OR please feel free to call any time for assisting our strong team available for you to help free of cost about filling forms and to properly submutting forms in DHA Quetta offices in Lahore. You pay ballot fee money in 5 listed banks and then must personally mail filled and payment made a stamped form to DHA Quetta offices.

To apply 1 kanal & above sizes residential or any size of commercial plot you must on FBR active tax filler list OR your application will not be included in ballot & ballot fee wont be returned.

Plot Size


Ballot Fee Total Price ** 1st – Down payment – 10% * 2nd – Down payment – 10% * 16 Quarterly Installments
2 Kanal 15,000 11,160,000 1,116,000 1,116,000 558,000
1 kanal 12,000 5,760,000 576,000 576,000 288,000
16 Marla 10,000 4,896,000 489,6000 489,6000 244,800
10 Marla 8,000 3,285,000 328,5000 328,5000 164,250
8 Marla 6,000 2,718,000 271,800 271,800 135,900
5 Maral 4000 1,782,000 178,200 178,200 89,100
Plot Size (Commercial) Ballot Fee Total Price ** 1st – Down payment – 10% * 2nd – Down payment – 10% * 12 Quarterly Installments
1 kanal 25,000 52,875,000 5,287,500 5,287,500 3,525,000
8 Marla 20,000 22,050,000 2,205,000 2,205,000 1,470,000
4 Marla 15,000 11,430,000 1,143,000 1,143,000 762,000
Farm Houses (Land) Ballot Fee Total Price ** 1st – Down payment – 20% * 2nd – Down payment – 20% * 16 Quarterly Installments
8 Kanal 50,000 29,400,000 5,880,000 5,880,000 1,102,500
40,000 19,125,000 3,825,000 3,825,000 717,188
4 kanal 30,000 17,000,000 3,400,000 3,400,000 637,500

Apartments 1200 sq ft & 1000 sq ft ( apartments will be offered separately,prices will be intimeated later)

1st down payment is due within 30 days of ballot, 2nd down payment is due within 60 days of ballot.

Price is exclusive of all Federal ,Provincial & Local Taxes however all these taxes would be applicable as per Law. Development charges will be intimated later

Affiliated Banks of DHA Quetta:

  1. Banl Alfalah
  2. Allied bank Limited
  3. Askari bank
  4. Habib bank limited
  5. United bank limited

                                     Last date of booking 20 Dec 2019


New Lahore Real Estate ® is Authorized Registered  Real estate agency of DHA .Feel free call 24/7 for file price and buying selling in dha quetta . 1 kanal cash Affidavit file avaialble

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